Self-Reflection is a Luxury Everyone Can Afford and Should Invest In

Self-Reflection Issa Thing!

How often do you indulge in self-reflection rather than judge others?  We often judge others while having kinks of our own to work out – guilty.  Chasing my dreams in NYC for 10+ years, I have learned to expect the unexpected and react quickly.  With the unexpected comes an inner savage or defense mechanism – it’s a big city thing.  Judgement is the conflict between my subconscious accepting undesired events and my conscious rejecting them.

“When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you”

Recently, I have been very akin to self-reflection.  It is an amazing way to clear your subconscious of unwanted occurrences. Removing the clutter in your mind is refreshing. You are able to see who you are and improve your self.  As I move along my path in life through Zodin, I find that nothing I don’t want to penetrate my subconscious, can.  Rather than judge I turn to reflection of self.  I am more concerned with bettering myself in order to better the world.

“Your subconscious mind never stops processing inputs of information from your surroundings, and this affects even your most intentional, conscious thought practices, like self-reflection or mindfulness meditation.”
~ Madeline Kernan – The Daily of the University of Washington

[This post on self-reflection is the beginning of a series – where I will weigh my character, actions and motives once a month as I move along my path to fulfill my wildest dreams.]

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