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Firstly, to my fellow SkinNYC writers…where y’all at?? I’m really surprised it’s Wednesday and nobody here has mentioned the hottest thing on the internet this week, Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse.

Now if you haven’t heard the verse by now, I’m going to assume you’re not interested in this type of thing, which is why I’m not going to post the verse.

Honestly, I’m not even too interested in the verse itself. If you really want my 2 cents, Big Sean spit one of the hottest verses of the year, and arguably the hottest verse of his entire career. It was three minutes of Big Sean I never even expected. That verse alone convinced me to go buy his album when it drops on the 27th, just to see if he can match that verse anywhere on the album. And I feel like Kendrick did what he had to do to top that, which was create controversy. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Kendrick Lamar. I just don’t think he made the right move, calling out every rapper alive like that.

All over the net I’ve been seeing people say things like “This is what Hip-Hop needed” and “Finally someone letting rappers know they not all friends, this is a competition.” And that’s what’s getting on my nerves.

I mean seriously, Hip-Hop is one of the most shakey genres of music there is. People who listen to hip-hop must realize that they listen to the least bought & least played genre of mainstream (and yes hip-hop has become mainstream) music there is. They must realize the reason Nicki Minaj goes platinum is because her album was more pop that hip-hop. I’m pretty sure Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift sell more combined albums than every hip-hop artist combined a year. The LAST THING hip-hop needs is for every rapper to focus on each other & not the music. It’s hip-hop vs. the world, not rapper versus rapper. What I’m saying is fighting for right to call yourself the greatest rapper alive is like fighting for 7th place in a 100 meter dash.

And past that, rappers aren’t soft. Hip-Hop’s been serious. There are so many kings of rap alive…Kendrick might just have spit his own suicide letter. Every rapper in the game is not Drake or Wale. They all don’t write love songs and emotional poems. Kendrick don’t want them problems. I could write a list for days of people who would eat him alive. Yes, the same people the internet are calling soft, and are saying are more interested in being friends. News Flash: They’re just being cordial! They have nothing left to prove. They’ve been through what Kendrick has, and they’ve climbed above that. The problem with the hip-hop community is that when they hear someone like Kendrick go off, they completely forget about those who came before, and how they changed the game the same way Kendrick just tried to. Examples?

rhhrsI shouldn’t even have to write this sentence about how I shouldn’t have to write this sentence about why Kendrick don’t want it with Nas. Ether. He’s done. Back when Kendrick was still taking the bus to school Nas was tearing the richest rapper today a new one all up & down NYC. Kendrick really said he’s the king of NY? I want to see him survive beef with Nas before he even thinks about making that claim. Why won’t Kendrick though? As Kevin Hart put it: “I seen what he was capable of…Why would I walk right into that ass whoopin?” Quite frankly.


Say what you will about Eminem…He takes no prisoners when it comes to rap. If Kendrick walked up to Eminem and challenged him, and walked away from that with any dignity whatsoever…MAYBE he could call himself king of New York. Honestly…Nas wouldn’t even walk into that match. That’s not even something you could call from the sidelines. My point being…we now have two living examples of people you don’t mess with. We now have two living examples of people Kendrick could’ve challenged if he believed he was one of the hottest rappers alive, but didn’t. If he wanted to really make a statement, these are two people he should’ve approached.

rhh I’m mentioning The Game not because he’s the king of NY, or anywhere near it. But, he is notable because he came from Compton just like Kendrick, and he did something similar to what Kendrick attempted. That being, he called out 50 Cent when they had a falling out & handled it like a man. Not a big fan of The Game, but I respect his lyricism & his candor. And he proved himself way back when, making him yet another example of a very cordial rapper who could if he felt approach some of the more rich or famous artists & give them a run for their money.

rhhst I’m mentioning T.I. because reality TV shows aside, he’s taken claim as the king of the South. Yet Kendrick didn’t even think to mention him. But then again, T.I. is one of those people that’s so wrapped up in his own world that I don’t think he would’ve pain Kendrick any attention anyway. He’s got nothing to win and too much to lose fooling around with something like this. and he’s currently touring anyways, so he probably heard the verse & went “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!”


Lupe & Ye. Both from Chicago. Neither one actually mentioned in the verse. Both have their own sound, fought their own battles, proved their own worth at one time or another. Lupe actually dd respond, on twitter & lyrically. And I must say, it was everything I thought it would be. But these are two people that just won’t stop if you get into with them. That’s why Kendrick didn’t call them out. They really have nothing better to do then spend every waking moment burying Kendrick should this be the route he wants to walk. And they’re both insane. I think it’s just something about that Chicago air.

rghs¬†Most of the people mentioned thus far have been in Hip-Hop years longer than Kendrick. But J. Cole, and Big Sean for that matter, are fairly new on the scene. That being said, Kendrick said he’s trying to murder every rapper in the game, and that’s a little far fetched with Cole & Sean included. As far as Sean goes, go back to control, and listen to his verse again. 3 minutes of fire, plain & simple. There’s a reason Kanye & Jay-Z let Sean open for them on Clique. And then there’s Cole, who was the first RocNation signee. As honest and cool as he always puts off…Cole has never been afraid to go wild every once & a while too. In fact, being angry is sort of his gimick. Blow Up, Rise & Shine, Villuminati, Miss America (bolded because it’s just that crazy!) are just a few instances. Then there’s Looking For Trouble, where both Cole & Sean go in and really shine. Yeah…if you haven’t heard it look it up. Looking For Trouble is the reason I have so much faith in these two.

But I guess only time will tell how this unfolds. Needless to say, many have already responded, with many more sure to follow.

  1. Tis true,he tryna get fckd up before grammys even come.
    Sometimes you make beef that you never saw career ending.
    A la JaRule and 50 Cent problems.

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