Earlly Mac Interview

Earlly Mac

Over the weekend I had a talk with Finally Famous member Earlly Mac. During our conversation I picked some knowledge from him on his upcoming ventures, the current tour he’s on, brief introduction into the formation of his name and the “Finally Famous” team.
My good friend Kisha had put me on about Earlly Mac weeks ago and from then on I been rolling with him. “Treadmill”, “Bang”, & “Tribal Bands” have been my personal favorites so far. I didn’t want to take too much my of his time, so I got a quick interview with him and it went down like this.

PT: I’ve honestly been enjoying the up tempo music, will most of the remaining singles that you release go at this pace? I personally get turned off often with the street music being rapped over hardcore beats from new artists that’s trying to break through.

Earlly Mac: Good looking out! Yes, definitely, it just makes more sense. The street appeal doesn’t have to come about all the time. Making music can be fun and if people enjoy an up tempo song, I can make that happen.

PT: Now being that you’re from the same camp as Big Sean, will your sound draw a resemblance from him?

Early Mac: Not coincidently. We’re going to have the same influences and similar sound due to the fact we come from the same area. That’s my Fam and we’re going to share qualities that draw interest from our fans.

PT: I totally understand that. How did the “Finally Famous” team come about? Where did you get your name?

Earlly Mac: We used to throw parties back in Detroit. We promoted parties to create a stage for Big Sean to perform on. We were what you would call an entertainment company. We had people that played basketball in school, producers, rappers, and what not. Some of us went to the same high school and others lived in the same neighborhoods. So we all mixed well and created “Finally Famous”. I exactly got my name from my man J Germ. I used to always come early from this class we had and one day he walks in the room and say “What’s up Earlly Mac”! I really was feeling that name and went with it.

PT: Any future projects or ventures out there that you would like the people to keep aware of?

Earlly Mac: Yes, I’m on tour with Slum Village. It’s an 18 city tour; I’m actually in Chicago right now. We did a show last night. I’m also promoting my latest single “Treadmill”, and I’m going to release my EP “Earl Pose”. Also be on the lookout for the next single “Sauna”.

PT: Really? So who’s “Earl Pose”?

Earlly Mac: LOL, you gotta check it my instagram and twiiter account. I get all these photos from people with dudes hugging their girl from the back side and with both hands their grabbing shorties ass.

PT: LOL, I’m look that up.

Earlly Mac: For real, it’s created its own buzz. That right there is the “Earl Pose”

To catch the tour dates of Slum Village with Earlly Mac check out http://www.songkick.com/artists/155654-slum-village

Also reach out to Earlly Mac on twitter @earllymac & on instagram /earllymac.


While your still reading take a listen to “Tread Mill” by Early Mac





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