Top 5 Celeb Baby Mama’s

Sandra Bullock Plays With Louis At The Playground

5. Sandra Bullock is no stranger to dating Hollywood men, from Tate Donovan to Ryan Gosling and more – she finally settled with Jesse James.  Soon after quite a few women claimed to have had an affair with James; Bullock divorced and adopted a child as a single parent.

4. Lauryn Hill is the mother of 6 children.  With not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4…  But 5 children with Rohan Marley; son of Bob Marley and the 6th/last son father is unknown and was born in 2011.  Hill at age 38 is still as beautiful as ever even while going through all of the stress of a jail sentence and more.  #BlackDontCrack

3. Jennifer Lopez fell off the scene for a bit.  She was happily married and then had twins with her now ex-husband Marc Anthony.  J-Lo and Anthony have twins together and in fact the photos of the babies may be the most expensive photos ever sold to media at 6 miliion dollars.  Jennifer Lopez is back on the scene now and looking better than ever.

2. Halle Berry was a MILF long before she had any children.  Halle has a daughter and one on the way at age 46.  This last year has been a roller coaster with her ex Aubrey and her new beau fist fighting and such.  But who wouldn’t fist fight over Halle?

1.  Erykah Badu has 3 children with 3 different rappers on 3 different coasts; why wouldn’t she be the #1 celeb baby mama?  I think she’s making “baby mama” a career.  Well regardless of the situation the 42 year old is fit as ever and doesn’t look a day over 25.

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