Erykah Badu: Street Hustle Experiment


Only in New York City can a multi-platinum selling artist take go to one of the busiest sidewalks for a street hustle experiment.  Erykah Badu recently posted a viedo of herself singing to make a few dollars.   I was amazed that very few people recognized her. It’s about a 7 minute video but I can understand the logic behind her concept. The Dallas, TX native is no stranger to thinking outside the box. Back in 2010 she created the music video to her lead single “Window Seat” with one take as she shed her clothes while walking along the streets of downtown Dallas nude until she reached the location of the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

Take a look at a the video. She has some real funny captions going on within the clips of it too.

“See if you got some initiative, you can make money…and a little talent” …… – Erykah Badu 10/10/2014


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