Up and Coming: Hiatus Kaiyote [Video]

Refreshing is the sound of Hiatus Kaiyote; while reminiscent of the soul heard in classic jazz, funk & soul – such as the music of Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding and Prince.  Lead singer Nai Palm says: “The words are important, but the way they’re shaped makes them malleable for the listener to absorb.”Haitus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote is fairly new to the scene but is receiving a warm welcome from vets like Erykah Badu Quest Love and even Prince who recently tweeted in support of their most impressive video thus far “Nakamarra”.  The band hails from Melbourne, Australia; a country with heavy ties in the music industry.  Melbourne has given rise to many a music star including: Olivia Newton John, Jet, Kylie Minogue and Gotye – it is no surprise that the .  The sound of Hiatus Kaiyote is so different that it is actually being categorized as “Future-Soul”.  The group will be on tour soon in the U.S. and is currently on a media blitz; today they will be performing on the Arsenio Hall Show as the musical guests of the night.  Check out their video Nakamarra and see what the hoopla is about!  (Watch the video Below)

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