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There’s been some time since my last Up and Coming article, and Jillette Johnson has released her debut album Water In A Whale. Upon the album’s release our friend Julie Lichtenstein over at Wind-up Records contacted The SkinNYC and through the wondrous mystical Fairytale magic that is e-mail I have the honor of reviewing this magnificent woman’s debut album.










Water In A Whale

by Jillette Johnson 


Upon pressing play I found myself shutting the world out, and losing myself engulfed in this captivating creation; Water In A Whale is what a debut album is supposed to be. Jillette is not afraid to pour herself into each and every lyric and melody, she uses her ability to convey emotion and personality through song to her advantage. She has something that many of todays artists lack, personality and the ability to present her art in a theatrical manner. I say it’s what every artist should be because, she doesn’t try to structure her music around what’s popular, she’s more focused on giving you herself. What I especially find fascinating is her cross between modern day pop star flair, and classic Rocker Chick! She’s like the creative love child of Carole King and Joni Mitchell! With that being said I’ll give you some of my favorite songs from Water In A Whale (that aren’t previously mentioned in the first article):


Rating: 4 out of 5


1. *Cameron:

Highlights – Lyrics & Raw and passionate vocals

This song has a simple melody that allows for the lyrics to take center stage. It also
tells a vivid story, and brings the struggle of being transgender to the forefront.

2. Flood The Ocean:

 Highlights – Melody & Vocal Build-up

The smooth yet robustness of the vocals pulls you in and makes the song all the more

compelling.The song reminds you of California by Joni Mitchell because of it’s fast lyrical

tempo slightly in contrast to the songs tempo.

3. Heathen (Personal Favorite)

Highlight – Vocal transitions & Use of instruments

This track allows us a peek into Jillette’s mind and imagination, it’s a mellow song that

subtly promotes perseverance.  What makes it my favorite song is it allows her to vent

and say “I’m not perfect either,” which definitely conveys a feeling of complete sincerity.

4. True North

Highlight – Creative & Melodus

Introduction grabs and holds your ear, but just long enough for Jillette’s beautiful inner

child to tell us about the journey to happiness and solace. She takes us on a mystical

journey through her imagination, but we never lose our grasp on reality due to the honesty

of her instruments.

Check Out my interview with Jillette! 

So I completely recommend  that you grab a copy(digital mp3 or CD) of Water In A Whale!!!


Thanks again to Wind-Up Records,

Julie Lichtenstein and Jillette Johnson!


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