Up & Coming: Jillette Johnson

This is the first article I’ve done on an artist since Lana Del Rey, and that’s mostly because I rarely get too excited over new artist but when I do I certainly get zealous!

525320_460287494054607_93317690_nWith that being said, Jillette Johnson is my latest obsession! She’s an inspiration because of her relentless pursuit of her dream since the age of 12, and her hard work paying off in early 2012 when she signed her current contract with Wind Up Records. Much to my dismay Jillette has only released her first EP Whiskey & Frosting thus far, but don’t fret because she will soon be releasing her Debut album, Water In A Whale. If her album is anything like her EP, it’ll soak in the audience with it’s hypnotizing melodies and her captivating tonality.


Jilltette’s voice is  amazing because of it’s honesty and personality, and she does it without using too many Riffs and Runs or even a robust singing style. Even if her voice isn’t enough for you, her songs such as Torpedo or Pauvre Coeur have melodies that not only grab your ear but even tug at your tear ducts a bit. Although Jillette hasn’t spawn into superstardom just yet she’ll certainly on the way, I predict her huge success in the very near future. I haven’t steered you wrong yet, I mean just look at Lana, and check out Jillette Johnson!



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