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Vote to Play Comes to Playstation Plus
Rogue legacy is a SkinNYC favorite
Rogue legacy is a SkinNYC favorite

Playstation Plus, the service that gives access to most online multiplayer on PlayStation devices comes with a number of free perks. One of the largest of those perks comes in the form of free games downloadable from PlayStation each month for plus members. There have been some really great games available for download this way like Killzone, Rouge Legacy, Dishonored and Geometry Wars 3. Still, for each amazing month, there’s a month that definitely comes with some room for improvement.




Sony has recognized this, and introduced Vote to Play. With Vote to Play, which won’t be around every month, but will come multiple times a year, PlayStation members will be able to vote from multiple games for the one they would like to get. This method will provide even more variety to the 60+ games offered for free each year through PlayStation!

The First Three Vote to Play Games: Armello, Grow Home and Zombie Vikings!
The First Three Vote to Play Games: Armello, Grow Home and Zombie Vikings!


Vote to Play was announced at the end of July, and the games for august have already been announced. Although this is not the backwards compatibility that has been the fervent demand of the community for sometime now, it is a welcome announcement none-the-less. On August 11th Sony announced the first round of Vote to Play games. The games on the ballot are Zombie Vikings, Grow Home and Armello!






Our Vote to Play Pick
Our Vote to Play Pick

Armello is a tactical RPG game, based in a fairy tale world. This one is my personal pick, as RPGs are nothing short of the greatest genre of games. Players quest, explore and battle each other in this lush fantasy world. The endgame is becoming king or queen of Armello yourself, overthrowing the Mad King in power to do so.



By the looks of things, Grow Home is the weakest of the three selections. Grow Home puts players in control of BUD, a robot in search of a star planet trying to save his home. BUD must grow his star plant to traverse a planet of floating islands, dubious drops, and other such hazards.

Zombie VikingsZombie Vikings looks to be your typical 4 player co-op hack and slash romping through a world of well…undead vikings. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but definitely fits in with previous free game of the month selections.

The voting is open until Monday, August 24th. The official Sony Vote to Play page is here. While Plus members can cast their vote online in the Plus section of the store.




Grow Home

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