Up and Coming: Mik Brown (The Interview)

Who is Mik Brown? Mik Brown is a Rapper. Mik Brown is a singer. Brown is a model. Brown is a actress. Mik Brown is a hard hard working woman knows what she wants and who she is. Born and raised in Philadelphia, her career in entertainment began as a child, modeling and acting.  Mik quickly booked several commercials and landed a recurring role on NYPD Blue after moving to Southern California. She received a BA in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley, she also achieved commercial and print success in campaigns for Sony, AT&T, 24 Hour Fitness and ProActiv, in addition to a multitude of roles for Film & TV. She most recently shot a national commercial for Bank of America. She is now strutting her way onto the airways, and she doesn’t need anyone to open her doors. She’s Mik Brown so write it down (you may need it)!


Taj: Who and what inspires you to be an entertainer?

Mik: You know, I remember looking at the TV one day when I was around 4 yrs old and thinking, “I want to do that!” Who knows where that comes from at that age but I told my mom who immediately began taking me to open calls and agents.  My sister and I used to create dances to popular songs in our living room.  I remember feeling disappointed because I wanted to be a live performer but I didn’t think singing was my talent.  When Eve and Lauryn Hill came on the scene I decided rap was something I could do too and I’ve been writing rhymes ever since.  Being on stage performing, whether acting or rapping is an amazing experience and I love the idea that art can impact so many people’s lives personally (their emotions and perspective) from a distance.

Taj: What has been the hardest part of crossing into different entertainment mediums?

Mik: Managing my schedule – splitting my time and energy.  It’s hard when different opportunities come in at the last minute all the time.  Just the other day I had to skip out on a BET Awards event I was really excited about in order to be on set.  I can’t always do everything, which is hard because I want to do it all!  But these are definitely good problems.  I’m blessed and grateful to have success in either but to have both is truly incredible.

Taj: What artists do you feel have influenced you?

Mik: Lauryn Hill and Eve’s entrance into the rap game obviously changed my perspective and inspired me to pursue music.  Pac and Nas have been huge influences for me lyrically.  Jay-Z has had an influence on my delivery – the way he lays in the pocket is everything & his wordplay is so clever.  I love artists with a lot of energy & emotion in their music and delivery – Prince, Tina Marie, Rick James, Phil Collins.  Right now I’m hugely inspired by Macklemore’s music and success as an independent artist.

Taj: What is your wildest dream as far as success goes and where do you see yourself in a years time?

Mik: Within a year I would like to see my current project achieve major recognition.  I see myself balancing tours and filming and putting out another album.  Long term, I see myself being an integral part of the music, film and fashion industries worldwide, making significant contributions to American culture and society.  I see a future with infinite possibilities.

Taj: Is there anything you would say to someone that is just discovering you to make them want to know more about you without experiencing your work?

Mik: Everyday I give everything I have to being better. I’ve seen and been through a lot so I don’t take anything for granted.

Taj: As a social figure what is most important for your fans to know?

Mik: That they can follow their hearts and forge their own paths. That success requires long term consistency and focus.  But more than that, it’s about love – loving yourself enough to create the life that brings you happiness.  You have to have faith.

Taj: What is the most important thing to you about having influence?

Mik: The ability to affect change in a positive way.

Taj: What makes you wake every morning and do what you do?

Mik: I love creating period and thrive off of challenges and progress. I also aspire to be an example of God’s grace and feel a responsibility to use the gifts/blessings I’ve been given in order to live up to my potential.  I think I can have it all, but I don’t expect anyone to hand it to me.  I want to prove anything is possible through hard work and determination.


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