The Griswolds – The Courtship of Summer Preasley

Newly imprinted to Wind Up Records; Aussie band the Griswold’s came out swinging the ax, for lack of better term, SHAVING WITH THE AX.  A burning candle in a beautiful girls ear, a Lana Del Ray impersonator, make-out sessions with puppets, shaving with an ax, sexy and provocative images all make up the bizarre video: “The Courtship of Summer Preasley” released by The Griswold’s.
The video was collaboratively thought out by Whitehall and Dan from the band as well as Jefferton James (Director) and as fort he Lana Del Ray impersonator – Dan happened to have seen a photo on the net and thought it was funny.  He posted it on tumblr and people began to tag the impersonator and as luck may have it he happened to be from Melbourne; so Dan asked him to be in the video.  The Griswold’s will be releasing an album in 2014; until then check out their newest visuals for “The Courtship of Summer Preasley” below.

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