Beauty Blitz: Oily Skin? De Slick it!

Urban Decay DeSlick

Finally a beauty product that can help contain severely oily skin under makeup.  If your skin is as oily as mine you can understand the elation.  Urban Decay makes so many great products, but by far I think De Slick setting spray is the best!  De Slick from Urban Decay controls oily skin under makeup.  After you wash your face, apply lotion and primer; you spray De Slick and then proceed to your regular make up routine.  After you finish your regular makeup routine you spray De Slick again and this ensures that your face will absolutely NOT be an oil spill.  You can find De Slick from urban Decay at Sephora and/or Ulta Beauty it ranges from $14 to about $24 per bottle and lasts probably about 3 months depending on how much you wear makeup and the best part its both oil and paraben free.

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