Monique Baines featuring C.L.A.P. Cognac – Finish Line


There’s definitely something unique about the voice of Monique Baines. I really couldn’t put my finger on who she reminds me of but I did sense an uplifting soulful vibe from her. It wasn’t until I further did some research on her that I found out she also plays the flute, piano, & drums. Need I say any more about the limitless talent that his lady has.

I stumbled across this last week, decided to watch it because I was in a R&B mood. I did see his name in the opening credits but once I got to the middle of video and heard his voice, it was my good friend C.L.A.P. Cognac. The Bronx, NYC native has been putting in work since our college years. I was glad to see the one time BET Freestyle Friday Champion is still doing good and getting it in over in Israel. Here’s the Buffalo State love and unity like I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Here’s a shout out to independent music with positive messages!

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Finish Line

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