324 Years Until da New Testament Gospel’s








This is where Neo meets Constantine.  In da 4th century A.D. da Roman emperor had a supposed vision; at this time he decreed a new belief to da Roman world by claiming Jesus Christ.  In the shocking international best seller; “Holy Blood Holy Grail”.




Chapter 13 states:  Jesus’ message, as it appears in in the Gospels, is neither wholly new nor unique.

In a paragraph prior to da above, it states: Jesus promulgated a message that attempted to do just that – to offer hope to the downtrodden, the afflicted, the disenfranchised and the oppressed.

The lost books of the bible: illustrations on page 6
The lost books of the bible: illustrations on page 6


Might you remember; it was da roman governor who render Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist to be put to death. These 2 men or prophets were of Jewish decent and yet it was da Roman Emperor who saw fit to call a council together to organize da scripture we call the Holy Bible.




The lost books of the bible: illustrations on page 16
The lost books of the bible: illustrations on page 16


Herod was da 1st governor who feared da birth of Christ based on da Jewish pretext of a coming messiah, as told  300 years earlier by Jewish prophets.


Sidartha Gautama
Sidartha Gautama




Hence around 600 B.C., from India came a true  saint, who lived the high life of a prince.  Similar to da Roman gospel of Christ being sent from da kingdom of heaven to lowly earth to help da poor oppressed populace .






In Holy Blood Holy grail

Chapter: 13

  • The new religion was oriented primarily toward a Roman or Romanize audience.
  • Before it could be successfully disseminated – from Palestine to Syria, Asia Minor, Greece, Egypt, Rome and Western Europe – the new religion had to be made acceptable to the people of those regions.
  • For precisely the same reason the doctrine of the virgin birth was promulgated.  And Easter festival- the festival of death and resurrection-was made to coincide with the spring rites of other contemporary cults and mystery schools.

Many of us who go to church regardless of denomination indeed must know da 1st church was da catholic one.

Holy Blood Holy grail | Page 365 states

A theological system was required , a structure of codified tenets that allowed of no interpretation by the individual.

  • In opposition to personal experience and gnosis,
  • Irenaeus insisted on a single ” catholic” (that is universal )
  • Irenaeus recognized the need for a definitive canon- a fixed list of authoritative writings.
  • Irenaeus is the first writer whose New Testament canon conforms essentially to that of the present day.


The Andes
The Andes

So it took 324 + years to receive what you call Holy bible!  As quiet as its kept, da pyramids seen in da Andes are releatively older than da Roman Jerusalem.


And according to da so-called prophets of da Old Testament & new, as well as, Quran that no prophet made it to da andeas or Easter island!

 Signing off Da Mage!

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