Top 10 Worst Lil Wayne Bars!

Lil Wayne has been undeniably sucessful in rap since his arrival in 1999. That being said, he’s had his fair share of terrible bars, lines, jokes, etc. Not for nothing, most of his raps are less than serious, and so bad lines are just a part of his game. Still, sometimes it helps to just take a step back and look at some of the worst bars he’s ever had the audacity to spit.


10. “Mind so sharp I fuck around & cut my head off”

Found this beauty on Tha Carter 4, and I’ve been laughing ever since. This is honestly one of those things that probably sounded real cool and out-of-the-box when he first spit it, but then he never took the time to evaluate what he just said and go back to the drawing board.

9. “These niggas swag don’t exist like zebra feet!”

This one was so absurd I had to make a picture:

zebra feet

Please excuse my inability to use paint professionally.

8. “I’m in the ocean getting shark pussy.”

…That’s just wrong. No seriously! A large portion of Rap is imagry, and…well…have you pictured that image yet? Sea World must be going bananas! (you see I made a Sea World reference, using a monkey’s favorite food. call me Lil Wayne ladies & gents!)

7. “Grab the owl out the tree/Ask that bitch, ‘Who but me?'”

And then the owl said…oh wait. It’s an owl! If he or any of his fans actually attempted that, the owl would reply by clawing the person’s eyes out! You know now that i think about it, Lil Wayne makes an awful (litterally) lot of animal references. I think I’m gonna order him a subscription of ZooBooks for Christmas so he start doing the animal kingdom some justice!

6. “Tell that pig and that cow, I’ll go ham if it’s beef”

I don’t think there’s anymore I can say about this except…wow!

5. “All hail Weezy/ Call it bad weather”

4. “Don’t fuck up with Wayne/ ‘Cause when it Waynes it pours.”

As if he hadn’t done enough damage to the animals already, he’s segway’d right into Wayning & hailing on them too. Someone should probably let him know that weather puns, as distinguished as they are, only help to further the rumor that Lil Wayne is infact Izora Armstead, from The Weather Girls!

3. “Met a female dragon had a fire conversation”

This is by far one of my favorite Wayne lines of all time. Everytime HYFR comes on, I wait for this, because it makes me feel better about life. I mean who writes this stuff. had a fire conversation? Is that like the conversation the fire alarm has with my moms cooking every night? What is his problem.

2. “Beat the pussy up like Emmet Till”

This is just offensive! I was gonna leave it off because I didn’t wanna be that guy…but come on! Now he’s a pussy? I can’t even talk about this one in length, because it’s gross. He did get dropped by Mountain Dew for saying it, but…who cares…it’s Mountain Dew.

1. “I pull up in a Bently, He pull up in a Honda, so I call that nigga henry.”

I had to save this one for last, because it’s just so much! I actually had to dig around on the internet to figure out why this one was so bad. Apparently, he meant Henry as in Henry Ford…the man who started Ford…NOT Honda! I mean all in all this is probably the same as #10, sounded good at first but he should’ve played it back and realized how dumb it was.


  1. oh i thought he met henry fonda cause it rhymes with honda which still makes no sense…lol

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