What Tony Taught Me (A Life Lesson)


The other day I met a man who definitely gave me a new perspective on life, but he was not someone of outstanding credential; he is a recently homeless man named Tony,  he was a nice guy honestly.  Tony was like something from a movie-he was an artist – he never asked for a handout. Tony said “can I draw a portrait for you for a dollar”? I of course jumped on the idea of portrait of myself, but Tony was actually a pretty nice guy. He sat down under a tree with my friend and I. We spoke for a bit and I did what I do to everyone, and that is pick his brain. Tony was funny and educated, he just did not have the right people in his corner, a lot of us.

From birth we Leach off  the outside world, we learn to be through the emulation of others. As children we emulate the actions of those with the strongest personalities, be it our parents, fictional characters,  or friends. We as humans alter ourselves  to become a better part of the group. With that in mind we need to be more conscientious of whom we allow around us. This is true about family more than anything, if they do not support you in the proper way that means you are need vacate the situation; find some friends who are 100% behind you, we cannot allow others to dictate our futures.

Be conscientious of whoever you allow around you; your friends are a direct  reflection of you. Are they where you want to be? Or are they traveling with you? Do they love you? Do they encourage you? See even if they have not reached what they have always dreamed of as long as they love and support you unconditionally well you already have yourself a family. You do not have to be related to be openly loved and accepted, so take a look at those around you!

The moral of my story is to love everyone, in every way possible, everyday because who’s to say you won’t depend on someone more one day?

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