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Hip-Hop is ever evolving. And just like anything else that is constantly growing, it’s bound to go through some awkward phases. Although not as rocky as the previous two or three years, 2013 is is definitely one of those awkward phases. It’s awkward because right now Hip-Hop has no solid definition. In fact the only thing everyone who considers themselves a Hip-Hop fan can agree on is that good Hip-Hop is unique Hip-Hop. And it’s partially because of this that we find ourselves unable to agree on what exactly it is. Fans clique too, they all like the same artists, the same flavor of Hip-Hop. Rappers each have their own style, and most of the time their styles bend the lines and push the boundaries so much that it’s hard to tell if their still making Hip-Hop music.

Another thing this pushing of boundaries does is increase the diversity of both the artists & the listeners. Ten years ago every rapper was either black, Eminem or Jim Jones, and everyone who listened was either incarcerated, a poser or a menace to society. Now just a decade later everything has changed. Hip-Hop is mainstream, Jay-Z has more #1 albums than Elvis, and everyone is fighting tooth and nail for their 15 minutes of fame. Perfect example: Lil Wayne, T.I. & 2 Chains (Three southern rap juggernauts) are selling out around the country with their America’s Most Wanted Tour, and guess who’s opening: G-Eazy, a rapper who slaps Hip-Hop, Indie & decades old samples together to create a sound so addicting and unique you can’t help but to want more. Oh and did I mention he’s white? Did I mention he’s unsigned? Yeah, he’s the definition of unique.

I’m assuming some of you have already heard of G-Eazy, considering he’s been sorta popular for the last four years. he’s got 73,000 twitter followers, so he’s famous, but he’s far from superstar. I only heard about him yesterday through word of mouth, and he’s the only thing I’ve been listening to since my friends put me on! Why? For so many reasons that it’s gonna take more than one article to cover them all, I can bet you that. But for now:

I’ve said it before, but let me say it again just in case you missed it: His sound is so addicting. Back when I was on my high school grind, I spend a large amount of my time at one of my best friends house. For a couple of months he went through this 70’s-90’s house music phase. I heard hours of Erotica and whatnot, and I thought that time in my life was behind me. Then I heard G-Eazy, and he brought me right back. One of his biggest hits, Runaround Sue, is a spin on a 1950’s #1 single. And that’s not the only sample either, though it’s one of the oldest. And if he’s not sampling some of the oldest house music around, he’s recreating that sound with these crazy features of his. Every time I hear Make-Up Sex, it reminds me of this episode of Scooby-Doo when “the gang” was at this Harvest Dance or something and they were playing those songs older generations used to dance to. The nostalgia of the hooks get you caught up in the mood, and G-Eazy’s flow just keeps you caught up in the moment. He knows exactly what his niche is, and he’s mastered it.

He also produces his own instrumentals. I said the same thing when J. Cole first caught my ear: people who produce their songs just sound more comfortable. G-Eazy has his own sound, and it’s all caught up in that instrumental. Remember when all Kanye did was sample high pitch singers, & that was his thing? Well reread that previous paragraph because I don’t feel like repeating what Eazy’s sound of choice is, but you better believe he goes into the booth and does his thing. I honestly wouldn’t mind listening to just the instrumentals, and that’s saying a lot because his verses are more than solid.

He’s also got a pretty substantial music library. As I’m writing this I’m going on my 20th hour since first hearing him. And during that time, I’ve downloaded 33 of his songs.

1 album: Must Be Nice.

2 mixtapes: The Endless Summer & The Outsider

& 1 single: I Don’t Believe You

He has another album already released, and is working on a third that is TBA, and three more mixtapes out there as well. That’s a LOT of music for someone you’ve never heard of. Of the songs I’ve downloaded, Must Be Nice is definitely the best of the three. Every song on the album is a hit, and I’ve never said that about anything else (although Born Sinner came close). The Endless Summer is the same way, I like every song, but I don’t love every song. Still, that’s solid. The Outsider is the oldest of the three, and it shows. It was in no way bad, but it was obvious he was still trying to master his sound. Some may like it more than me, it just wasn’t my taste. But I can respect every song he’s made so far.

Just for you, I went and found the video for Runaround Sue, so you can get your first taste of G-Eazy the same way I did.



Part 2 coming tomorrow @ 9:30

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