Range Rover Creates the Spirit of New York City in the SV Coupe

Courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

Range Rover Creates the Spirit of New York City in the SV Coupe


The Spirit of New York City is many things; unstylish, pothole-less and snow-less are not options – the adverse is true.  As a fashion lover and driver in one of the world’s most immortally trendsetting cities the craters & snow plagued streets are an eternal inconsideration.

I must admit, watching a driver tip-toe a Bentley Flying Spur through hella snow is facetious to watch.  But being the person to have to do it is quite irksome.  How does one remain chic but functional all 4 seasons?

Every year New York International Auto Show introduces the latest auto trends with over 1, 000 cars & trucks on display.  The Skinny NYC attended NYIAS 2018 pre-show in search of one vehicle which screamed NYC.  We came up with the Range Rover SV Coupe.

Every bit of New York City, the Range Rover SV Coupe is peerless & uncompromised yet functional.  With a 2 door body style and 4 seats, it’s a coupe but it’s an SUV.  Merely 999 being built, the Range Rover SV Coupe retails at $295, 000 and features 557 horsepower, Semi-Aniline leather seats, sustainable wood veneers and an active locking rear differential.  That means you can be chic while playing in the snow or climbing over potholes, but you’ll still need to proceed with caution.  What caught me was the hot stone massage option for the seats and the rose gold lined emblem.

If price is a concern, this vehicle isn’t for you – but it’s definitely worth dreaming about.

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