Faux Fur x Practicality x Fashion = Foofi


With the spike in Vegetarian, Vegan and plant-life diets in recent years; Foofi is right on time!

There aren’t many fashionable options when it comes to faux fur in fashion.  No stranger to fashion nor business, Angela Simmons to the rescue; introducing her new faux fur collection – Foofi.  The name Foofi gives a fun energy and personal vibe as it stems from a toy poodle Angela had as a child.  Foofi is all about Angela’s personal style meets practicality and not at all about harming animals to accomplish it.  Angela has designed and created all facets of Foofi including the tag, which states “No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Garment.” Signed, “XO Angela Renee Simmons.”

Foofi, the 23 piece faux fur collection mixes acrylic and polyester to create a fur-like feel and look.  Simmons has even given the simulated appearance of some of real fur faves, like: Mink, Suede, Lynx and Shearling.  The vibrantly colored pieces range from hoodies to motto & cape vests, as well as, coats; all with a beautiful floral lining.   To add to the collection Foofi offers outerwear accessories such as earmuffs, hats and cuffs.  To highlight it all, the collection is priced affordable between $150 to $495.

Check out some of the pieces from the Foofi Collection below


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