McGaugh Wins Grawemeyer Award, Makes Sense of Sensibility

McGaugh Wins Grawemeyer Award, Makes Sense of Sensibility

University of Louisville James McGaughIt doesn’t take a brain surgeon to…  Wait…  James McGaugh a brain scientist has presented to the world just how our emotions affect what we learn and remember.  So evidently it does take a some sort of brain specialist to solidify what we’ve all known for some time; that old adage is clearly outdated.  In fact, McGaugh has just been announced as a 2015 winner of the Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Psychology.

McGaugh has been studying emotion and memory since 1960; found that hormones activate the brains emotional center, which regulates other areas of the brain that process and recollect memories.  His work has been seen on CBS’s 60 Minutes and in dozens of text books and over 15, 000 academic papers.  “His work has transformed the field,” said award director Woody Petry. “It has profound implications for helping us understand and treat memory disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Louisville presents 5 award winners with the Grawemeyer Award annually with $100, 000 each in the interests of: music composition, ideas improving world order, psychology and education and gives a religion prize jointly with Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

SOURCE University of Louisville

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