Is Santa Claus Real?

Is Santa Claus Real?

Peter Hackmeister The Spirit of Santa Book CoverA die hard believer in Santa Claus as a kid; the jolly big guy was to me as Justin Bieber is to his Beliebers.  Yup i’m lame.

As a child, I can remember being very inquisitive as is the nature of most children.  The only thing I never questioned my mom about is Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.  There isn’t a peer that could tell me any different, let me tell it they were all crazy and liars at that.  Although I never had that talk with  my mom, I can imagine how kids these days must ask millions of questions about Santa.  With the internet readily available most children may not believe in Santa at all.  As a parent, what do you say to your child when they ask?  Do you just tell the truth?  Or do you dance around the question and continue to keep the myth going?  I personally was distraught at 21 learning that all of my letters, cookies and milk actually went to my mother and not Mr. Ho Ho Ho.

Either way, author Peter Hackmeister has released a short story on Kindle entitled “The Spirit of Santa–How to talk to your children when they stop believing.”  Most parents are probably uncertain and expect their child to stop believing but aren’t fully prepared when they finally present you with that question.  Hackmeister addresses the question and how parents can respond.  “The Spirit of Santa” gives both older children and parents a wise framework for understanding Santa and the true meaning of Christmas in mature terms.  “Just because you are no longer a small child doesn’t mean Christmas and Santa should be any less magical,” said Peter Hackmeister.

Hackmeister wrote the short story after having experienced with his 3 children; he helps uncertain parents understand how to transition their child from Santa to the deeper meaning and significance of Holiday tradition.  “Everyone who has watched their child mature knows that day eventually comes when their friends let your child in on the ‘truth’ about Santa.  You hate to see their joy in Santa disappear.  So I wrote this to help parents make that important transition,” Hackmeister said.

Sounds like Peter knows what he’s talking about,my mom sure could have used this to ease my pain and help me cope with the disappointment.

The Spirit of Santa” is available for immediate download in Amazon’s Kindle area.

Kindle books can also be read on PC and MAC desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

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