What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

All day today I have been asking everyone I come across including co workers, friends, family and even strangers, what does Valentine’s Day mean to you? I’ve received a ton of different responses some good, some bad, but regardless of the situation this day meant something to everyone. I’ve talked to single people, people in committed relationships, people who have been hurt in the past and some people who are just waiting the day they can find someone to share this special day with. A lot of people don’t pay today any mind with the ever so popular “if you love someone why do you have to wait for one day a year to celebrate it?” Well that seems true, however we all have parents that we love so why do we have to wait until Mother’s day or Father’s day to celebrate them? We are given this one day a year to celebrate our love and show that special person in our life how much we care in many different ways whether we want to spend a lot of money with gifts, or create something ourselves on power point and photo shop it is all from the heart. I spoke to a woman today going through a very emotional divorce after being together for over 30 years, I couldn’t imagine the hurt that she had to be going through during this and admitted that today has been very tough for her. One of her close friends bought her flowers and took them to her at work her face was as bright as the roses were, she may not have the love of her soon to be ex husband anymore but there is always love around, you just have to open your eyes and realize when its there. I met a man who is recently fresh out of a long relationship and hasn’t really had the best memories as of late since the break up. Just recently he did meet someone new and not only did he make sure her day was special he made it special for her kids as well.

Now those were a couple of quick examples of some of the stand out stories I came across today. Of course there is the usual “today is all about dinner and sex” and then the heart broken bunch who don’t care for today because of a past relationship. Today doesn’t necessary mean you need to be in a relationship to share your love with someone. In the examples I gave there was a woman who did something small such as buying her friend roses to brighten up her day and lift her spirits. A guy who went out of his way to get his new girlfriend a surprise gift but also for her children to make sure the day was special for all of them. A lot of people I came across today had families and made sure this day was special for the whole family especially their children. Today is a day where we celebrate our love for our friends, family and significant others. Whether you are single, married, divorced, in a relationship, a single parent, or whatever your case may be I am sure there is someone close to you that you can share some love with tonight. I hope you find that person, and no matter where you are or what your plans are for tonight, I hope everything goes great. For me, its time to cuddle up with the woman I love and enjoy some red velvet cake and home made chocolate covered strawberries . . . and this little movie called “Twilight” which I am not to excited about, but the fact that I am here sharing it with the woman I love and our son makes it all worth while. Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone here at The SkinNYC.

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