In Love? Scientists have been studying love and those who claim to be in it for quite a while now. They have found that the emotion we know as love originates in our brain. That might not be such a shocker, but when looking closer, there are a bunch of surprises to be found. Firstly, a human’s brain is divided into many interlocking sectors that deal with the many aspects of our lives. In a small study, scientist found that those in love see an increase in the motivation and reward sector of their brain when thinking of their beloved. What that means simply is that the person you love is generally a prize you are seeking to claim and are willing to go to extreme lengths to do so.
Along with that, a person in love is, in fact, sick! The emotion tends wreck havoc on the nervous impulses the brain sends to the body, causing things like knots in the stomach or sweating. This anxiety has been linked to the pleasure sector of the brain. We all know what the pleasure sector is right? It’s the part of the brain that is activated when a person is addicted to a drug. Therefore, when one is truly in love, they become addicted to the loved one. And you’re not addicted to the person, but the feeling of being in their presence. The want to be in their presence may be more powerful than the drive for sex. After finally getting that prize though, it’s been proven that love doesn’t just go away. It changes, melting from intense passion to strong bonding. It is a primitive need to mate with another, have kids etc. Love is a primitive emotion. And don’t forget: it comes from the brain, not the heart!

  1. I like the dtcoriien of the article to keep moving on. To look above, below, all around. We may perhaps say together not only I think, therefore I am (Descartes) but now also; I love, therefore, I am. Both statements hand in hand. The greater question who is that I which is capable of thought & love?

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