Joseph Altuzarra: Fall 2012

Joseph Altuzarra graced Fashion Week with beautiful pieces for this upcoming fall. Gypsy seemed to be the motif of his collection with its rich colors, coins and strong Moroccan and Indian influence. I absolutely loved the collections because I’m really into that whole brown people theme (Northern African, Middle Eastern, Indian). His collection was inspired by Corto Maltese; he was a French comic that was a sailor  whose mother was a gypsy and father a Venetian. Altuzarra added fur vests and sailor jackets. I also loved how he paired thigh high boots and cargos. Thigh highs, in my opinion, are a staple for autumn. Altuzarra included this beautifully tailored plunge-neck black dressed that was super business sexy. Steven McMillian would definitely not be able to handle himself if the power house business woman Altuzarra had in mind when creating this dress walked by.






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