Taj Mahal – Poverty

First off, I want to thank my good friend Leita for putting me on to this!

I’ve personally encountered Taj Mahal about 8 years ago back when I was a DJ at 91.3 WBNY. He was good friends with the DJ whose show came on before mines and very often I’d see Taj and he would always pass me his latest Senate mixtape CD that I would play on air just off the strength of love, his good music, and feeling his hustle.

As I fast forward and see years later, Taj is still on the grind and getting it in! I was really inspired by this video and felt much honored to wanting to help spread the word. I hope you understand what’s going on around the world just like Taj and help spread the word. Here’ his latest video “Poverty”.

Shout out to Finally Focused Music!

Taj Mahal – Poverty



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