Maino & Superstar Jay presents The Mafia

First off, I want to salute my big homie Superstar Jay! He put me on over 10 years ago at 91.3FM WBNY. Thank you brother! I’m extremely prove to see my dude is truly one of the kings of the Mixtape DJs.

This collaboration is big for New York City! Just look at it Queens and Brooklyn unite on this and created some heat for the fourth quarter. Maino using his leadership skills to help brand Twigg Martin, Push!, Lucky Don, & Hustlehard Mouse. Superstar Jay putting a stamp on it for promotion. It’s self explanatory, “It’s a Lifestyle”!

I immediately was feeling the theme of this mixtape and wasn’t disappointed at all. Not only did the intro get me hyped but tracks such as “Black Batmobile” featuring Starsky, “Bury Me A G” featuring Ace, “Shine”, “God’s Plan” & “Million Dollar Dreaming” add to my track list of faves.

Check out the CD for yourself. Definitely is a banger!

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