The Quickest Way to A Billion

Everyone’s always looking for the best career. Which one fits my personality? Which one brings in enough money to support my lifestyle? Well if you want a career that’s both fun and good for making money, look no further than the video game industry. One of the largest companies in the video game industry, Activision, reported recently that it has made over 1 BILLION dollars off of its blockbuster hit, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Even more surprising, it reached the lofty heights of 1 billion in just 16 days! You might remember James Cameron’s Avatar becoming the #1 bestselling movie ever by grossing 1 billion dollars back in 2010. Well it took Avatar 17 days to do it. Modern Warfare 3 sold 6 million copies in 5 days, making it the biggest launch of anything in entertainment ever. Furthermore, NPD revenue records put the video game industry at the top of all entertainment industries at this time. Between Thanksgiving day and the following Monday, over 900,000 Xbox 360 consoles were sold. In November, 1.7 million were sold. The profit raked in through sales of all consoles (Xbox, PS3, Wii, 3DS, etc.) and the top 10 games sold (including Modern Warfare 3, TES: Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Batman: AC and The Legend of Zelda: SS) alone was more than the whole profits reaped by any other entertainment industry in Nov. 2011.
What do all these numbers and names mean to you? It means that just like Microsoft in the 90’s, and pharmacy in 2008, the best place to get a career started is the video game industry. There are so many jobs in the likes of advertising, producing, reviewing, hardware creation etc. and they all are guaranteed to only become more sought after and more coveted in the coming years. Music Artist and movie stars are all dying to be portrayed to the biggest games of the years. They all want a piece of the voice acting. Book writers are dying to help add to the immersive and unique storytelling experience that is the video game. And with technology only getting better, and prices only getting higher, income will only get bigger for the guys and girls that keep the video game industry alive.

  1. doeblb25738 on October 20, 2011 The hills have eyes 1 because it would be freaky and the game would be about you killing those monsters or you being the monster and attacking people.t( )

    1. Ooh um Yeah. This really denpeds on your taste beacuse not all gaming website or eve magazines are alike. It denpeds on your taste like if you like a lot of feature, go to Gamespot. If you like movies and hot babe with your gaming, then go to IGN. If you like blogs, go to giant bomb or even kotaku. It really is your taste. My favorite ones, However, are Giant Bomb and IGN.

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