Fashion Insider: Lanvin Summer 2012 Collection




Yet another dynamique collection by one of my favorite design houses. Lanvin’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection is characterized by long business blazers for the modern day power women. The business wear portion was also very  structured silk skirts and blouses and a loose fitted pant or ventilated pencil skirts. Its definitely corporate attire with an edge. One piece that really caught my eye that thought was really interesting was the Black Double Crepe Washed Twill Jacket. I believe it can be worn with or without a shirt underneath it and the necklace they paired it with made it a very sexy yet work place appropriate outfit.  Then the collection made a strange transition into fashionable sweats with a satin finish. It swiftly made yet another transition into beautiful transparent draped tulle dresses. Slits played the biggest role in this portion of the collection. Heavily jeweled dark pieces began to appear along with snake printed jump suits contrary to the feminine shown prior to. These pieces  had a very Aaliyah in the snake room of the I need a resolution video feel. The show finished with gorgeous flowing silk dresses.


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