[Television Frosty]: How To Make It In America

How to Make it in America 

“How to Make it In America” is about two aspiring business buds trying to make a name in the fashion industry in NYC with their brand CRISP.  Mix fashion and my favorite city in the world plus hot straight guys; you’ve got me!  You probably missed out, if you didn’t then you lucked up. 

How to Make it in America features Kid Cudi, who I absolutely love.  He plays a Mary Jane vendor catering to a high end clientele.  Unfortunately, I only knew about it by the start of the second season and now the season is over – ughhhhhh!  But no worries season 1 and season 2 are available online somewhere.  I pray for a season 3, but if there isn’t one I wouldn’t mind the re-runs.  Make sure you check it out!

Watch Full Episodes of How To Make It In America | Click Here

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