[Bumpers]: Niki and The Dove / Iggy Azalea

Take a break from the ignorance you listen to everyday and try some new ignorance. Be a music hipster; kind of like the people that claimed to be down with Drake before anyone else was, you know when he was still Aubrey Graham the black kid on Degrassi. And still pushing that story in 2011..(-_-).…Your cool. Jk


Niki and The Dove- Last Night

So I just find out about her and I wish that I could’ve known about her sooner. Her music is a little different than what usually listen to. I must say I don’t come across good music that often and she is definitely refreshing. Iggy Azalea sampled it in her song Backseat, another song I enjoy, but not as much as the original. Actually, let me know which one you prefer.

Last Night by Niki and The Dove (Original)


Backseat by Iggy Azalea



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