Have Your Royal Wedding Cake With Ice Cream and Eat It Too

Stay fearless New Yorkers, an exclusive Royal Wedding Cake Inspired Ice Cream has been created by the Ice Cream Gods at Van Leeuwen

The best part of a wedding is the cake – let’s argue.

The union of 2 people is always amazing, but the ceremony itself is usually quite boring.  For me, the most exciting part is the cake.  For those of us who didn’t receive an invitation to Meghan and Prince Harry’s Royal reception, we will miss out on seeing and tasting the cake – but Van Leeuwen has us covered.  Inspired by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s highly publicized Wedding, the Royal Cake consists of lemon sponge, elderflower syrup, lemon curd, buttercream frosting, and decorated with fresh edible flowers.  Van Leeuwen’s take on the Royal Cake is ice cream with sweet cream ice cream, swirls of elderflower buttercream frosting, and housemade lemon pound cake pieces.


And so it begins ?

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The Royal Wedding Cake ice cream is available now on the special menu at all of Van Leeuwen’s NYC and LA locays.  Get you some!

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