Today’s a Good Day with Hardo, Wiz Khalifa and Jimmy Wopo


Red Music | Hardo
Red Music | Hardo

Hardo releases video for “Today’s a Good Day” exclusively through XXL Magazine

Hardo takes us on a journey from life in the pen to life with a pen.  In 4 minutes 31 seconds he exhibits how life went from shit to sugar.  Considered a good kid he became consumed by the fast life as a teen.  According to Pittsburgh City Paper, the has been in and out of prison since 2009.  In the midst of trading in his criminal life for a music career the “cut throat” rapper had a huge wake-up call.   Earning a “Free Hardo” shout out from T.I. on his Young Thug enlisted track “About The Money,”  he has done time for charges ranging from & in connection with heroin possession, home invasion and “battering a woman.”  Lucky for Hardo, he served his his time and/or was dismissed of charges, better days now prevail.

“I spent a long time in prison fighting for my life in a court room, so to be able to be free and be able to receive love and support from some of the biggest artists in the game is a blessing,” he tells XXL. “This video was for my city, for the streets in my city, for all my brothers in the Feds, Wiz, Wopo and I stood united for the city, so Today’s a Good Day!”

~ Hardo via XXL

Produced by Stevie B, featuring fellow Pittsburgh nobility Wiz Khalifa & Jimmy Wopo; the trio celebrate life while promoting the T.R.A.P (Trying To Rise Above Poverty) lifestyle.  To Date, “Today’s a Good Day” has raked up nearly 9M streams via apple Music & Spotify + was a huge deal maker in Hardo’s recent Sony Music contract.

You can catch Hardo on tour with Tee Grizzley on his ‘Ain’t It A Blessing’ Tour in various cities until end of October.  If not you can always watch the video below

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