Flying to Cali for the Total Mom Makeover

Just when I thought I needed a Mom Makeover; Daisy Teh channeled my thoughts and granted my wish!
Photo Credit Daisy Teh of The It Mom

“I cannot Believe it!”
~ Little Einsteins Quincy

Lucien on his born day with his papa
Lucien on his born day with his papa

Mom Makeovers should be a thing!  All mommy’s deserve a little pampering.  Apparently Daisy Teh of The It Mom thinks so too.  In fact, she plans to make it happen – 12 bloggers at a time.  Daisy is a wife, mom, beauty guru and influencer; who totally connects with us mommy’s who focus on everyone and everything, except ourselves.  Daisy envisioned a solution to the problems and challenges many moms face; The It Mom: Total Mom Makeover web show.  A year ago I became one of those moms.  I gave birth to my first child; a handsome and brilliant boy named Lucien.  He is the best of both his parents, but demands ALL of my “free-time.”

Preparing to film a facebook live segment at NYFW for the SS16 season

You would think working in media and production – which always involves fashion…  That I wouldn’t have any style nor makeup problems, especially since I am currently Facebook Live producer for the world’s first fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.  As a mommy who wears many hats, I just don’t have the time to focus on makeup and style; unless its Fashion Week or a special event.  My day-to-day struggle is how can I balance style, comfortability and functionality?  Secondly, how can I beat this face to perfection in less than 30 minutes?  #Eeeeek

Fast-forward to January 13th, my good friend Jeff Fransen ,whom is married to my bestie and fellow influencer Gina Doost (What The Doost), mentioned me in a comment via a post on the Influencer Society Facebook group.  I read the post and responded to Jeff, then I completed the submission form.  Thinking nothing of it, I was surprised when I received an email from Daisy stating that I had been selected to interview for a potential spot.  Fast-forward some more and here we are, this weekend I fly to Cali with 11 other ladies, Daisy and a host of professionals who are going to make me a hot mama everyday – not just on special occasion.

I am so excited for this opportunity, not only have I been selected to receive and all-expense paid head-to-toe makeover; but I am headed to Newport Beach, CA for this honor.

The It Mom Dream Team

Makeover Team:
Dusty Simington, Celebrity Hairstylist & Salon Gregories,

Production Crew:
Sean Tu,, George Teh,, Aileen Orticio,

Cherrie Luzon, Sophadavy Hun, Ashley Trevino, Karen Flor

Influencer Panel:
Kenya Thomas,, Tiany Davis,, Jennifer Christ,, and Rachel Coppola

The twelve selected moms will be featured in each episode and are treated to an all-expense paid trip to Newport Beach, Calif. where the It Mom’s Dream Team awaits them with:

  • A personalized hair styling session by a celebrity hairstylist
  • A personalized makeup session by expert makeup artist/aesthetician
  • A manicure/pedicure session by expert manicurist
  • A personalized styling session by expert and/or celebrity fashion stylists
  • A shopping experience with a personal stylist
  • Tutorials on hair, makeup and easy fashion for moms on the go.
  • Professional photoshoot and personal interview

The It Mom: Total Mom Makeover is a reality webshow airing its first season every Thursday at 8/7 p.m. central beginning April 6, 2017.

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