The Ladies WhoLaunch

What do you get when you mix women and Web Series?  The Ladies Who Launch

Web Series are becoming more popular than TV Series and women are doing a great job at producing
them.  Executive producer of Rules of Cool, Ashley Kate Adams and Jacquie Militano of The Anonymous Lives of
John and Jane have come together to present an event showcasing Web Series Comedies and the Women who
produce them.  Our favorite Web Series and the lovely ladies of “Rules of Cool” are even being featured, along
Jacquie Militano – The Anonymous Lives of John and Jane –
Ashley Kate Adams, Caitlin Cooke and Lacey Jeka- Rules of Cool – 
Emily Floyd and Anne Richmond – This is Art – 
Brooke Jacob and Becky Whittemore – Sitting on Babies – 
Julie Lubeck and Stephanie Gibson – Dates, Mates, and Clean Slates –
Kate Oliva – MasterDate – 
If you’re interested in meeting The Women Who Launch please view the flyer below.
The Ladies Who Launch Flyer
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