Rules of Cool


New York City is by far one of the coolest places to live in the world; anything goes and anything could happen.

Most city slickers view themselves as ‘cool’, but what exactly are the rules of cool?  Welp, there’s a web series for that and The Skinny NYC has…  The Skinny!

Rules of Cool“, is a quirky, web series created by Caitlin Cooke & Lacey Jeka, upcoming actresses/writers whose real life relocation to NYC and career escapades led to this DIY web seriesThe series is the brainchild of these two millennials who became discontent with waiting on the industry to call on them in order to showcase their talent.  Both personalities in the series, Caitlin is Kate and Lacey is Lucy; 2 BFF’s living in NYC experiencing speed dating, late rent and the pursuit of cool.

The Skinny NYC is one of the coolest blogs in NYC, so there’s no wonder “Rules of Cool” asked us to preview the season before it is released to the public this Monday, January 26th at 9pm.  Now that you know the underlying story, lets take a look at a few of our favorite personalities.

3 Favorite Personalities

The reason the search for the cool began.  Kate takes a “How Cool Are You” quiz in a magazine, receives a 2 out of 50 rating and the search to prove that she is indeed ‘cool’ ensues.  A former home coming queen and free spirit who just wants to have fun, find a guy to hook up with and speak her mind; Kate is very cool in her own right.

The quintessential drama queen and a necessary part of the cool equation.  Although, paralyzed with Depression Lucy is still epically funny.  Lucy has an imagined relationship with the guy who takes phone orders at the local Chinese takeout restaurant and has an encounter with a group of High School teens she met sitting on her stoop drinking her sadness away.  However, Lucy is also the strength of the BFF duo.  She takes the reigns to make sure that she and Kate “f*&^ that list up”, in turn reinventing cool.

Every girl should have a gay guy friend, especially in NYC and Norm is that friend.  Norm lives in the same building as Kate & Lucy; one day he stops by to borrow Sugar and never stops offering friendship, support and very blunt advice on life and how to be cool.


Rules of Cool airs Monday, January 26th at 9pm HERE

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