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Hair is one of the first things people draw judgement upon, so you must maintain a well-groomed mane at all times.


I went through one long bad hair day in 2008 which ended in 2010.  I have not had a perm in  5 years, but I do get color by a licensed colorist and I also have a Keratin treatment. Since my new found healthy hair has been in existence, I am VERY leary of what I use in my hair.
When I received the box in the mail from Celebrity stylist Daniel Koye I did my research and found that Daniel does NOT play games with hair.  In fact he is noted for taking care of some of the best tresses in showbiz.  My hair is not only soft and maneageable, but DKoye The Product didn’t strip my Keratin although some of the products contain various sulfates.  I not only have great hair because of DKoye The Product, but his haircare line is just as awesome as he is.
Check out my experience with DKoye The Product:

For information on Daniel Koye and DKoye The Product, tutorials and/or to purchase DKoye The Product CLICK HERE

*Diclaimer: This review is based on my own personal experience.  I was provided with the products in exchange for my honest unfiltered opinion.  I can’t guarantee that you will have the same exact results, but hope that you will try the products and update me on your experience.*

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