New Breed on the Block: Corman Shepherd

corman shepard 2
Corman Shepard Puppy!!
Welsh Corgi
Welsh Corgi

The new breed on the block is the Corman Shepherd, which is a mix between a corgi and a german shepherd. Corgi’s, as you may well know, are born to go on and make hybrid puppies. There really isn’t anything you can’t mix them with because they make everything look cuter! As such, a large majority of new breeds are half corgi, it just works! Combine this with their amazing temperament and you’ve got a beautiful start to your breed mixing.



German Shepard
German Shepard

The second half of your hybrid, the German Shepherd, is currently the second most popular dog in America! Known for their loyalty, intellegence, obedience, family friendly temperament and beautiful coats, german shepherds are the perfect match for the cute corgi.

The purpose of the mix is to get a dog with the corgi’s short legs and long body, and the german shepherd’s beautiful and low-maintenance coat. A corman shepard can have any mix of the parent breed’s temperament, but because both the corgi and german shepherd are known for intellegence and obedience you have nothing to worry about.

A few things everyone should know about owning a corman shepherd:

1. Because of their long backs, they are prone to back problems and you should take care not to put too much pressure on this area.

2. both corgis and german shepherds are great with families. So a corman shepherd is perfect for a household full of children and teenagers. They are extremely loyal and intellegent, so they can be taught tricks and commands quite easily.

3. Both parent breeds like to work, so the corman shepherd is not a dog for a household that cannot meet its exercise and play needs.

Now, for the best part of the post: the pictures!!! Corman Shepherds coming at you.

Corman Shepard 3  Corman Shepard 4

Corman Shepard 5  Corman Shepard 6

Corman Shepard 7


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