The Jack Moves – ‘Doublin’ Down’


The Jack Moves

The Jack Moves.

The multi-textured genre mesh of the current under ground music scene, as well as it’s extended family in the mainstream, have left the world anticipating a much need shift in what’s popular.  We’ve long had alternate rock being perceived merely as rock music with Hip-hop elements; EDM is simply the dance world embracing Hip-hop elements. Both adaptations of which float the opposite way, too. The teeth-grinding term ‘Neo Soul’ was an industry term to revalue R&B by attaching a more live soundtrack, rather than the seemingly played out digital production that oozed from Hip-hop’s mainstream, chart-topping contemporaries.

In recent years the music diaspora has been shaken up, once more, with the continued blend of genres and experimentation with sounds and styles both reborn and completely original. Enter The Jack Moves; a New York duo consisting of singer and multi-instrumentalist Zee Desmondes and drummer Teddy Powell. Although their initial connection came about largely due to a love of hip-hop and skateboarding), singer Desmondes expounding on his interest sparked the classic soul records Powell was composing beats with, decided they should both perform music in that vein.

Their new single, ‘Doublin’ Down’, though citing luminary comparisons to Daryl Hall and Bobby Caldwell, will see more recent fans and music listeners finding similarities Zee’s voice to that of Bruno Mars at times. The silky smooth beat is reminiscent of ’60s / ’70s soul, blended with ’90s Hip-hop groove that works in a unique way creating a sound-scape that is completely their own.  Coupled with a video that highlights the smokey, dimly lit, cinematic experience the music is a perfect soundtrack to, The Jack Moves are on to something very special and soulful.



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