Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert Recap

hot 97 summer jam concert
hot 97 summer jam concert

Well, you know the Summer has officially kicked off once Hot 97 has it’s annual Hot 97 Summer Jam concert

Although I wasn’t there the Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert, I was able to catch up through social media.  I can’t go back in time, but I wish I could have made better arrangements to make it to the show.   Among the surprises; Nas & 50 cent united on stage.  While Nicki Minaj brought out Lil Wayne & Drake; the highlight was G-Unit re-uniting and an honorable mention… Snoop made an appearance.  This was just a snippet of what went down. It looked like it had all the makings to go down in Summer Jam history and become an epic show.   But from the look of the crowd the vibe just didn’t match. Who knows, maybe the crowd was too young to really understand what was happening.   This year’s show included all of the performers you wanted to see minus Hov.  Aanyone of the line up performers could’ve been the headliner.

Check the recap for yourself.





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