Virtue in Love: Why America’s Families Aren’t Very American Anymore [Politicks]

Although social pressures such as homosexuality and divorce create disputes amongst families, because of less religious mentalities it has become far more acceptable amongst society. While families will continue to come face to face with reoccurring obstacles such as homosexuality or divorce the significance of each of these “social pressures” are less significant than it is believed. Single family homes are more common however; the other parent is more than available in the child’s life. Even if that parent is not available or involved with his or her child, the worth of that family is not “eroded” by a simple reconstruction of the family.

Symbol For Equality
Symbol For Equality

Family can be defined by more than one conclusive definition. It may be a single parent home, with both grandparents within the vicinity – yet this has not altered the “fabric” of how this child behaves or is raised in everyday life. Divorce no longer holds the significant value it held in years previous to this phenomenon. Again this is through religious conviction – a less religious inclined society will result in less religious mentality. Therefore, divorce holds no negative qualities (in retrospect) and is no longer associated with sin. Today people are able to work within their means and raise a child alone without lacking any difference between married couples. Those facts have enabled society to look pass such prejudice and continue to thrive despite the obstacles they face.

         This is also to be associated in the case of homosexuality. More people have become accepting to the “recent phenomenon” of homosexuality in recent years. Why? In a society where religion no longer places such a significant role in communities people are inclined to believe or interpret their own morality and not base it solely on a book. Younger generations are more accepting of homosexuality and divorce because they are growing up long side of it in everyday life. Whether it’s a gay uncle, a divorced grandparent, a sister who’s a single parent or a lesbian co-worker people are interacting with others of different situations and sexual orientated every day. Love is the factor that intertwines families, not traditional values. That factor alone is what inclines people to look past such superficial ideologies as one person is not above loving another for any reason.

                In the wake of the resent DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) verdict, the United States is slowly becoming more inclined with Generation Y’s values. Previously the law, which was enacted in 1996, allowed States to refuse or recognize same-sex marriage. Now, in 2013, that law has been deemed unconstitutional by the United States – granting same sex couples an equal position in view of healthcare, financial benefits, and etc. People no longer align the significance of someone’s sexuality as a determinant of one’s morality.

                Although it’s taken a couple centuries the United States of American is starting to comprehend its original purpose. That is, to be the “land of the free”.

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