Up and Coming: Jesse James


Is bullying more prevalent these days?  With all of the hype and hoopla from videos of children bullying and attacking other children it sure seems so.  The most recent highly publicized attack on a teen from a peer named Sharkeisha made its way around the web and is just one of many instances of Bullying.

Even more prevalent are the musicians who speak out against bullying.  Up and coming rapper Jesse James recently released a track called “outcast”, with a name like Jesse James you’d think he’s an outlaw who is pro-bullying.  But the rapper is speaking out against the gross actions of bullies and sending positive vibes of hope to those who are the bullied and/or outcast.  Taking a high note from Macklemore who put out genuine anthems of support “Can’t Hold Us” and “Same Love”; “Outcast” is Jesse James way of speaking out to the masses for those who are afraid to speak up – Check Out “OutCast”

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