Pegasus and Muhammad So Spiritual

Are Pegasus’ roots Greco-Roman?

Well in ancient India there were 4 ages called Da Yugas.   According to da dictionary of Hindu lore and legend; there are four yugas in each cycle of creation.  Da 1st age is da golden age, Krita Yuga.  This gives us a point to reflect on where Pegasus acquired golden wings from.




Now if we look further into da ancient faith (dictionary of Hindu lore and legend pg. 108); Kalki or Kalkin ‘having a white horse’.  The tenth incarnation of Vishnu, which will mark the end of the Kali Yuga when a new era will begin in which righteousness, law and order will prevail.




According to Giants, Monsters & Dragons an Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend and Myth pg. 288; Pegasus is the name of a flying horse in the classical mythology of Greece and Rome.  Pegasus was said to be from the union between the god Poseidon appearing as a white stallion and the gorgon called medusa prior to her monstrous state.  “He is depicted frequently in ancient art as a vast but elegant white stallion with golden wings.”  Poseidon is a sea entity for da most part, which illuminates his spiritual origin from Vishnu.


Kalkins being vishnu’s avatar (in dictionary of Hindu lore and legend pg.108); is described either as a warrior brandishing a blazing sword riding a white horse.  (in dictionary of Hindu lore and legend pg. 145) A similar being worth mentioning is; Nirriti. His vehicle may be an ass,a lion,a dog, or a man.  In his hand he carries a spear or a javelin, or a staff , a sword and a shield.

All da above; by da way check out (maino&t-pain hit  all the above)
Gave us da idea of da how’s and why to da association as far as da implication of da entity affiliated with Da Quran chp. 16 v. 1.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Received vision’s which lead up to complying da Qu’ran in da 7th century a.d.

Da highlight of this is that one night , his vision was a Vision of a night trip to somewhere that da Jewish people and Christian people hold scared Jerusalem of course!


It is postulated that a being called buraq transported him. Now this being flew and is compared to Pegasus.  Is this spiritually possible?

Yes! As I have shown early; da being “Nirriti” is da elemental bridge for this to occur.
Now observe; the steed that carried da prophet name is buraq which is lighting , da prefix Nir in Arabic is nur meaning light.  This vision happen at night and was called da night journey. In Sanskrit; a Sanskrit primer; pg.ratri, means night.


What was da purpose of this spiritaul trip , da prophet was to go to heaven to receive from Moses (pbuh) da prays instructions.

Supposedly angel are made from light? Which is nur,In da lodge a candidate greatest desire is to aquire light. This light is how a brother recognize another brother in dark.So it is da same with da prayers.  Da word nirtta in Sanskrit means to dance.

In Tibet dance means rakka,well in Islam to preform pray is to da movements that are called rakka’s.Da prophet was a part mainly about how many prayers to do a day. These prayers were bowing, sitting and standing. While bowing their forehead prostrate on da earth. Hence buraq 1st two letters are bu; in A Sanskrit primer pg.207 -bhu means earth.This shows us a highly mature manner of using mans scripture for spiritaul growth! So with da above info lets not look back for infant gibberish but for enlightenment!

Signing off da Mage !

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