There’s no qualms about it, young Mexican, boxing sensation Canelo Alvarez (42-1-1, 30 KOs), is back in the gym bouncing back from his loss against Floyd Mayweather. Canelo doesn’t want to vacation, but rather stay in shape and get back in the ring. In fact he demanded the activity from his promoter. That my friends, are what champions are made of. He’s ready to claim what’s his again, and continue his reign as one of the best fighters in the world. Here’s the important things to remember:
The 3 fight dates scheduled are: March 8, July 26, and Nov 22, 2014 ( Most likely all PPV, so be prepared!)

The 3 possible opponents include but aren’t limited to : Miguel Cotto, Sergio Martinez, and Carlos Molina.

The 3 possible venues up for grabs: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Antonio ( Canelo has a huge following at all the these locales).

Stay tuned in the following weeks for the announcement of the fight, venue, and opponent. 2014 will be another huge year for boxing! For more boxing news, visit Canelo Alvarez Credit: Photograph by James Michelfelder & Therese Sommerseth

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