Mega Millions Jackpot: What Could you buy?


For the first time in history the Mega Millions jackpot has reached 640 MILLION dollars. Not only is that a LOT of money, but it’s a LOT of money YOU could WIN with one DOLLAR. It’s really an extraordinary jackpot. So after betting that dollar, waiting until the drawing tonight, and finding out that YOU won the first thing you’re going to do is have a tiny heart attack! It’ll last for a minute or two before subsiding. Then you’ll cry, call your family, rub the ticket in your siblings face…the usual. But after you cash it in and the government taxes THE HELL out of it (I mean literally their taking like 150 million, and after that your state might decide to tax the remainder) what are some things you could buy? Lets find out.

The Hope Diamond valued at $250 million

Michael Jacksons Mansion valued at $23 million

Bill Gates valed at $61 million dollars

A million months of world of warcraft subscription valued at $780,000

Every cat everywhere valued at all the kitty litter they need!

The White house valued at $257 million dollars. (You’d still have enough money left over to buy Obama too)

Pluto valued at cantbetoomuchconsideringit’snotaplanetoranythingimportantlikethat.

True love valued at a monthly allowance varying from person to person.

What would you buy if you won?

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