Bombs – Dawn Richard


Many may remember Dawn Richard as part of the platinum selling “Making the Band” music group Danity Kane before they were dismantled. Others might recall her from being a part of the Diddy lead group “Dirty Money”. One thing that is safe to say is that she been around the in the industry and has been able to stand the test of time. As the curtains open up for her solo career, Dawn has released a new video, “bombs” in efforts of preparing for her upcoming album ‘’GoldenHeart”.


Dawn Richard – Bombs


  1. you know LaurieAnn BoomKACK choreographed those chest popipn moves! LMBO!!! BOOM BOOM KACK!and @25 I think you’ve got it twisted. DAWN is the only one that is currently employed. All this in the works stuff is not giving D. Woods, Aubrey or Shannan a check. If anything, D. Woods and Aubrey were throwing salt in Dawn’s face all night. Especially when you look at how D’s whole body was blocking Dawn out. They fought over some dumb stuff, and we as females need to get beyond pettiness and bitterness. DONT HATE CONGRATULATE! get yours and keep it moving! Dawn is going to get paid regardless. Her and D were always the best singers to me, but Dawn writes. She’s gonna get bank off of Last Train to Paris and her and Que wrote that song that the boys sang last night Perfectly Blind not to mention the tracks that she wrote for the last Danity Kane album so what i’m counting up isa song on a number 1 album= $$at least 3 songs on a platinum selling album=$$$still signed to a contract on Bad Boy=$$$$D and Aubrey need to catch up b4 they start talkin about someone else. Please notice that Dawn is rocking the same Louis V Exotic sandals that Beyonce and Ciara have she’s gettin paper.

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