Domonic Anderson – The First Drag Racer for BMW Motorcycles

Many African Americans fail to expand their minds and look into other sports and potential avenues of life for success. In today’s urban society a lot of youth generally follow the thought of making money in sports by playing basketball and football. There’s nothing wrong with following your dreams and participating in a sport that you love and being paid to do it. It’s worked for all people, in all cultures, and of all sports.

Across the country many people have some type of awareness of drag racing via illegal street races, on a professional track, or the back dirt road in suburban areas. Many people may not have known that this industry is a very lucrative and entertaining business that has been around worldwide and still growing. From racing cars to motorcycles, this sport has allowed companies to endorse and sponsor the products for viewers.

Domonic Anderson is someone to shed light on. Growing up in the Richmond, Virginia area he started venturing into the world of motorcycles after his high school graduation. Of course just starting out as occasional rider, before developing into a stunt rider, later on elevating to racing other local riders, which eventually helped crafted his skills into becoming a professional drag racer. Starting out as a rookie in 2008, his success has earned him many of sponsorships over the past few years. None greater and honorable than becoming the first drag racer to represent BMW. Not bad for an African American male who chose to venture out and explore a hobby that would eventually get him paid.
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  1. Great article. I’m a fan of Anderson. It shows diversity in African Americans venturing into different. Or non-tradional African American sports. Great way to be different and gettin paid for it.

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