[2011 Year In Review]: The Movie Theatres

It’s the end of the year, and with it comes the inevitable end of the year reviews! I’m not a huge fan of the movies but hey, the box office never disappoints. In the video game industry, everything just simmers all year until the November Flood, drowning us gamers in a sea of fun. For the movie theatres however, It’s an all year affair, with everything slowing down about November. When looking over all the movies released in 2011, it’s very clear that comedies ruled! I can count the number of horror blockbusters on one hand, but I could fill this whole article with lists of comedies! Early in the year Green Hornet ruled the day, opening the doors for romantic comedies like Just Go With It and No Strings Attached. The Delima and Hall Pass got some attention, but it was the over-the-top-hilariousness of Bridesmaids that had everyones attention for most of the year. Many said Hangover 2 was a letdown and no one expected Jack and Jill to be good, but overall the comedies did their thing.
The next largest genre was the action genre, which host a wide range of quirky productions this year. The Mechanic was one of the only reboots to make a splash this year, even still it surprised the general public. When it comes to action this year many claimed the “nerds” got their fill. With releases like Cowboys and Aliens stirring up the industry I can agree. Not one, not two, but 3 marvel releases hit the theatres, with one noteworthy entry (Captain America). Thor was interesting in that OMG-I’m-not-in-the-house sort of way and X-men seemed rushed. (What was red Nightcrawler’s guys name? We’ll never know). Sequels really ruled the theatres. Transformers 3, Fast&Furious 5, Scream 4, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Harry Potter 8, Happy Feet 2, Wimpy Kid 2, Cars 2…etc. Speaking of family movies, they were probably the most consistent genre out there; Jim Carrey even got in on some of the success! One big name missing this year though is Tyler-Perry. Is his 15 minutes finally over? Or did Wolfman gone Liam Nesson wannabe just steal his limited limelight? Speaking of Wolf Boy, Breaking Dawn hit the box offices, throwing Selena Gomez and Monte Carlo on sidelines as it dominated the teenage girl only genre. How did you feel about the movie industry this year? Leave your thoughts below.

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