Manhattanknights is a Fashion Order Creating Signature Style for The “Now” Generation

Images by Dan Lecca.

Samuel Murkofsky Continues His Fashion Crusade With Manhattanknights FW18.

Manhattanknights is Street Style meets prep school wardrobe.  Inspired by Sam’s deep love of New York City, it’s varied cultures and characteristics.  His family history and background in both fashion & theater provide the perfect backdrop for his designs.  This seasons collection took fashion travelers on a time machine-like journey to the past with remnants of the present.  With references of popular 90’s style and witty statements popularized then and now – the FW18 collection is a flashback to adolescence.

“Picture It, Sicily 1922”
~ Sophia Petrillo – The Golden Girls

Did you attend a school with a mandatory uniform?  If you said yes then you know all too well the old switch-a-roo or uniform remix that went on then and still goes on today.  Removing your stockings to make your uniform skirt look a little more sexy with bare legs, adding a hoodie or sweater under your uniform blazer for sake of layering – never gets old.  But it does become more fashionable and Sam is here for it.  In a recent InStyle Magazine online feature,  Sam revealed:

“I come from a retail background (I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue for a number of years), so I understand what people want to wear and I know what sells well.  But literally everything else I had to figure out on my own,”
~ Samuel Murkofsky

Available online via, you can find chain adorned sweat pants, peek-a-boo denim jeans + an abundance of cease and desist merch!


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