Top 10 Social Media Reactions To Prince’s Death

Prince painting at Paisley Park memorial
If you haven’t heard the news of Prince’s death by now, I don’t know what rock you’ve been under.   A true icon in every sense of the word, Prince’s music is loved by many. So much so that a day later people are still in disbelief.

Prince is one of those celebrities who not only has timeless music, but doesn’t look as if he has aged 1 bit.  You’ve gotta understand why it’s hard to believe the icon has passed at the age of 57.  The news of the Purple Ones death spread like wild fire via social media.   From memorable moments to RIP messages…  It’s only right that The Skinny NYC give you our top 10 Social Media reactions to Prince’s Death.



— Rebel With A Cause ? (@makavelidiscipl) April 22, 2016

photo credit: Prince painting at Paisley Park memorial via photopin (license)

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