Learn Spanish with Wlingua For Your Spain Wanderlust


Learn Spanish For Your Next Wanderlust or Just Learn Spanish Because Its Necessary and Easy With the Wlingua App!

Last week I partied at the newly opened Space Ibiza NYC.  Space is the hottest nightlife spot in Ibiza Spain and the brand has branched out to offer up a NYC locay.  This taste of Ibiza in NYC, has sent me on an Ibiza wanderlust; so I have been trying to learn Spanish in preparation of this trip I am dying for.  I have traveled to the Southern Region of Italy (Rome, Naples, Avellino) and kept a translation book in my pocket, that proved to be very useless.  The last international travel escapade I had was England and fortunately for me I already knew the native tongue.

rsz_screenshot_2015-03-03-00-08-23In research and planning I stumbled upon this awesome app called Wlingua and I have been using it avidly.  I am learning English to Spanish via my phone and it is so easy.  I have an Android, so I downloaded from google play, but iPhone users can get in and learn Spanish too!  There are 420 lessons from basic to advanced levels and you can work at your own speed.  I am on lesson 1.3, but I am so geeked about scoring a 9.5 on the nouns section that it has motivated me to continue.  I use to think Spanish was so hard in college, but I am realizing its all in the way that the lessons are organized and knowing the correct way the words are pronounced which can help or hinder you.  Is easy to learn Spanish from English with Wlingua.

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